I have been hibernating from Nature’s blasts of winter snow down in enchanted Sanibel, Florida. While most people come here for the seashells, I much prefer to focus on the nightly sunset.


I have photographed sunsets at home


in Sedona…

Sedona Sunset 1

in Maui…

Kehei Sunset5404alt_V6P5404

in Cabo San Lucas…

20020227Cabo Sunset-1.variation1

in Cambodia…


and as far away as Antarctica!

20051119A-19_ Dec 31, 1999 last sunset, 20x24

Interestingly, this is the final sunset of 1999….but since this is the time of nearly 24 hours of sunlight, it doesn’t really get dark.

Every night Nature provides a brand-new show…


and every sunset is unique.



There is something universal about loving sunsets.

20060828 _Hawaii_Maui_sunset-4480

They occur everywhere…


…and people everywhere love sunsets…

Wherever I go, I try to include the sunset into my shooting schedule…and during the day I search for an optimum evening viewing spot.


People congregate with their wine and cheese…some with cameras and some with chairs….


Applauding the sun’s disappearance beyond the horizon is a universal reaction… and at these moments a sense of Peace on Earth comes over me…but…like the sunset, it is all too fleeting.

Some people disperse too quickly and miss the Alpenglow…so I say, “Wait a few minutes and you will see Nature’s encore!”


Mornings are tough for me. I hate to admit how many sunrises I’ve missed due to my sluggish morning nature…but once in a while I do catch one. This sunrise conveniently occurred outside my bedroom window down at Carolina Beach, North Carolina.


One morning in Maui, we were on the road at 3:00 AM to photograph the Haleakalā Crater sunrise.

Haleakela Sunset

…but the fog and rain caused a wash out! You never can tell with Mother Nature…but one thing is for certain, obsession with my camera has given me opportunity to see things I never would have the opportunity to see if I weren’t so driven to photograph…..and tonight there is the promise of another glorious sunset!


2 thoughts on “Sunsets

  1. Beautiful photos – I love sunsets too. Enjoyed all the different places you have photographed, each one is unique~

    • Hi Sherry–so neat to find your comment on my blog.I just looked and coincidentally am back in Wilmington for a couple of weeks. This is our first morning here at the condo, No sunset last night….just rain and some lightning….and lightning moves to quickly for me to catch with my camera…so I’ll stick with sunsets. They are more cooperative…things are good here and hope with you too. There will be some new blogs posted soon. One is about making an umbrella holder to attach to tripod and another is about some new photography creations I’ve been experimenting with. New exhibitions and collaborations are currently in the works as are a myriad of projects. Time down here will be good time to catch breath . Best–Holly

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