Antarctica: Journey to the Extreme

Save the Date
Antarctica: Journey to the Extreme
Photographs by Holly Gordon
to be exhibited November 2016 at
The Alfred Van Loen Gallery

Let’s rock on and make 2016 a monumental year!!!

Statue from Easter Island

After RAPA-upping 2015 and welcoming in NUI-year 2016, I revisited my Rapa Nui images taken during a monumental trip to Rapa Nui and Antarctica way back when the calendar transitioned from 1999 to 2000.

I didn’t think the Moais would have changed much in fifteen years…and it was once again time to transition from one year to the next. Friends who invited us to celebrate the New Year had just visited Easter Island (Rapa Nui is the polynesian name) and I thought that some RAPA NUI notecards would make a perfect house gift…


…and while in the NEW YEAR writing mode…PLEASE SAVE THE DATE or rather the MONTH of NOVEMBER 2016…when my Antarctica: Journey to the Extreme exhibit travels to the Alfred Van Loen Gallery of the South Huntingon Library. This invitation arrived on the cusp of 2016 and it is sentimental as well as symbolic to mention that on the cusp of the New Millennium I went to Antarctica to be able to share with my yet to be born grandchildren where I was at the birth of the new millennium. Now they will see it and so can you…

Without crossing the Drake Passage you can visit this remote region that plays such an integral part on the health of our planet. Kodak was so stunned by these images that were shot with film and traditionally wet-darkroom printed on Kodak Metallic paper, that they made me a Kodak professional partner. In these fifteen years the presence of Kodak has changed and the speed of climate change is increasing. We can work together to slow down the change. Make haste to see this exhibit!

A slide presentation and gallery talk will be scheduled. All exhibition dates will be announced shortly by Debra Katz, curator of the Alfred Van Loen Gallery. Schools and organizations are encouraged to visit.

Contact Holly Gordon to discuss bringing this exhibit and/or slide gallery program to your venue.

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