#COLLAGEbiennial: Virtual Exhibition

Denise Bibro Fine Art is proud to announce their virtual exhibition #COLLAGEbiennial. This exhibition is one year after their amazing social media fueled call for entry, #Collage Now: Analogue Collage in an Instagram Era.

This online exhibition taps into the well of perseverance, talent, and energy in the medium of collage.  It highlights works of some of the most talented contemporary artists to date!

Holly Gordon is proud to be among the featured artists.



Aches and Panes This complex digital photographic collage fist grew from photographing the condemned Republic airport building in Farmingdale. It was bitter cold but the light was pure perfection as it illuminated and glorified the patina of rust and ruin in 2008…and back then I was still shooting with film. I had no idea at the time that my photographic concerns for preserving and protecting our eroding Long Island Long Island environment would ultimately merge these two subjects into this collage…and so the title Aches and Panes

Aches and Panes

Crows Over Farm Field This image grew from my environmental concerns while I was documenting agriculture on the North and South Forks of Long Island. Early on I blurted out in an interview that Mother Nature has no voice and I want my work to speak loudly for her. Initially I had viewed the due links as a dystopian army coming steadily to conquer our land….but it wasn’t until 2016 that the idea to merge Van Gogh’s Crows Over the Wheatfield, to emphasize the distress I felt over the disregard for climate change that I created this complex digital photo collage. This image appears in Ward Hooper’s and my book Parallel Perspectives: the Brush/Lens Collaboration in Chapter 5 —Photo-Liminalism…Changing the Way We See Photography Today

Crows Over Farm Field


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