Dockside Series at Long Island Photo Gallery

Holly Gordon’s Dockside Series can be seen at Long Island Photo Gallery, where the gallery format has recently expanded to include a selection of limited edition prints to attract fine art photography buyers and collectors.

Long Island Photo Gallery
467 Main Street, Islip, NY 11751
Phone: 1.888.600.5474

The Dockside Series

Limited Edition Prints from The Brush/Lens Project

The Dockside Series is part of the transformative body of work created by Holly Gordon during The Brush/Lens Project collaboration with painter Ward Hooper in 2014. See for more information.

Creativity and imagination are infinite. The camera is a tool that helps us to see, to record, to capture and to create. This Age of Digital Photography is the dawning of a new art era and the work of Holly Gordon is breaking new ground. She calls her art beyond photography—because it its origin was a photograph, be it traditional or digital. Created in camera with manual settings that she controls and adjusts, her camera is an extension of her brain and soul….but sometimes Holly’s intuitive vision wants to go further…so she journeys into the digital darkroom via Adobe Photoshop CS 6 and Topaz, Nik and onOne software to pursue that vision…well-beyond what the original photograph was. A typical grouping of docked boats become something special, extraordinary and quintenssential….

Holly Gordon’s photography has always been described as painterly, probably because she was also a painter and her photography is part of the creative continuum of Impressionism. She has established her reputation as both a fine art and documentary photographer creating break-through work in creative fine art photography and nature photography. Visit to see that the world is her studio. Widdly exhibited and published, her most recent collaboration with a well-known watercolorist has generated wide interest in the arts community and media with her photogaphy appearing in the New York Times.

This series is a limited edition of 10 prints sized 22” x 14.667”. They are created and printed by the artist on Epson Stylus Pro Series giclée printers using Epson archival matte paper and Epson archival ink. They are individualy signed and numbered and come with certificate of authenticity.

Dockside Series

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