FIOS Interview to be Televised

I am so excited! Greg Blank, fantastic reporter for Push Pause Verizon Fios 1 has just emailed me with the following news:

Viewers can access current, and recently aired, episodes of Push Pause LI shows on channel 1 or 501,  via Video-On-Demand (VOD), and on the website.

Monday, 30 2015
Air times: 11AM, 12:30PM, 4:30PM, 9:30PM; FRIDAY 11AM; SUNDAY 9:30AM

Holly Gordon, visual artist/photographer 4:54 Ronkonkoma, NY
Title: In the Art Studio: Holly Gordon

Here is a photo I took of Greg interviewing Linda Louis and I can’t wait to see what he did with my interview!

Greg and Linda Louis

Happy viewing and let me know that you saw it!!


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