The Art of Living on Long Island: 50-Plus Show Highlights Area Artists

Holly Gordon has found the fountain of youth — it’s a simple little wonder drug called art. “You can’t overdose on it. You do not need a prescription. It’s a very positive, powerful thing,” said Gordon

With an estimated 1600 mile Long Island shoreline, it is no wonder that inspiration from water flows throughout galleries in this AARP sponsored exhibition Art at 50-PLUS at the Islip Art Museum.

Art at 50-Plus opens on December 6th and runs through January 6, 2020.

There will be two receptions:
Saturday, December 6th from 6-8pm
Saturday, December 7th from 2-4pm.

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Inspired by life on Long Island, nearly 200 residents submitted more than 500 works. These Artists represent every decade 50 and up. Some are life-long artists and others choose to create as a hobby, as therapy, as socialization…but all do it from an internal necessity and desire.

Even before Holly Gordon uttered yes to the invitation to curate this exhibit, she knew it would be an extraordinary event…because ART is a wonder drug that cannot be over-dosed, requires no prescription and provides innumerable benefits!

The effects of aging often bring an assortment of emotional, physiological, and mental debilitation. Detachment and isolation from society and life can have deleterious affects…and making art can be a powerful antidote.

Art affects us inside and out. It reduces stress and pain by activating endorphins. It’s good for what ails us, in boosting self-confidence, concentration, and accomplishment. Art is a powerful communication tool that can cause viewers to expand their minds and ideas.

The ARTS were invented eons ago by people who felt the necessity to express themselves in extraordinary ways…and since then lives everywhere continue to be enriched by all the arts.

Look beyond the immediacy of this robust outpouring of senior creativity….and you will see much:

  • love of life and activity
  • visual splendor of our landscape and concerns for its future
  • Memories of what was
  • Maintaining equilibrium in present time of transition
  • Indifference and isolation

Seniors are society’s silent asset and these works speak loudly. Look, listen and learn. See for yourself and let us know if you agree that this exhibition is a mighty tribute to living and life…and if you’ve never dabbled in art, you may find that you want to enroll in an art class yourself!

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