This contemporary love story between painter and photographer is synergized by creativity, connects with the past, inspires the present and transforms photography into the future. After decades of creating independently, social media brought Holly Gordon and Ward Hooper together. They immediately saw parallels in their creative processes and execution; but it was the discovery that they were inadvertently inspired by the same landscapes as Arthur Dove and Helen Torr, two early 20th century artists, that turns this dynamic collaborative pairing into a time traveler tale that is all true.


Between the Covers

Between the Covers


Long Island Woman Magazine provides first glimpse into book

Long Island Woman Magazine provides first glimpse into book

The Islip Bulletin promotes AARP virtual exhibit and book

The Islip Bulletin promotes AARP virtual exhibit and book

Artists Magazine

Artists Magazine


What People are Saying

…A love story of friendship and renewal.  Holly and Ward were meant to meet to discover their connection through art and nature. Two wonderful artists exploring life together through the warmth of colors, brush and lens strokes and subjects they created separately at different times and then together revealing their deep passion for life, friendship and art.
Charlee M. Miller, Executive Director, Art League of Long Island

Gordon and Hooper’s collaboration is a story of the visual arts, of creative relationships, and the landscape itself. As the Director of Islip Arts Council land manager of the Islip Art Museum, I am proud to say that we have exhibited these artists and their collaborative works. The June 2019 with Holly Gordon as the Curator of The Art of Collaboration, inspired by this collaboration, was an invitation for other artists to collaborate and discover. The exhibition was a resounding success.
Lynda A. Moran, Executive Director of Islip Arts

Seymours Boatyard

Delighted to have exhibited Brush/Lens images in the Salena Gallery in Fall 2017. This ongoing collaboration between artists Holly Gordon and Ward Hooper is a creative synergy that inspires each other and produces rich visual experiences for the viewer.
Nancy Grove, Art Professor Director of Galleries, Long Island University

The world of color is a world of magic.  Since the early days when artists created works with pigments in the inner sanctums of caves, to the Middle Ages when they kept their color recipes a secret from the world, theirs has been a mystical vocation. Looking at the vibrant works in this book, it’s as if Ward Hooper’s paintings were waiting for Holly Gordon’s photographic images.  They make you remember the summery days of childhood, songs you loved, people and places you miss.  Their works, side by side as they are in this book, create a whole that is far greater than its magical parts.
Cathie Pelletier, author and recipient of New England Book Award for Fiction and the Patterson Prize

Eastport Maine and Urban Rainbow

“This aesthetically appealing book brings together the best of photography and painting in a fresh, innovative, and engaging manner described as Photo-Liminalism. Inspired in part by the artists’ personal life journeys and challenges, the visual synergies created are colorful, evocative, and transformational.”
Robert C. Like, Professor, Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

In these colorful pages we are able to see similarities and differences with which these two artists have gleaned from beholding the same subjects. Here we see that both painting and photography intensify and clarify the visual experience. The photographic images go well beyond the standard of documenting a mummified naturalism.
Frank Webb, award-winning watercolorist and author

Parallel Perspectives is a visual harvest of the natural beauty that surrounds us, creating lasting sights that celebrate what talented artists have always quested for: the light. Holly Gordon finds images and builds digital layers that blend an unflinching assessment by a documentary photographer and environmentalist with a painterly sensitivity; Ward Hooper’s loose brushstrokes capture the ever-shifting light and shadow through watercolors that are as elusive as the light. Their collaboration continues to produce treasures of stunning, memorable beauty.
Annie Wilkinson Blachley’s, features and cover stories have appeared in The New York Times and Los Angeles Times. She is a copy editor and columnist for the Long Island Press and writes monthly for Long Island Woman Magazine.

King Park Bluffs and The Bluffs

The arts play a role in almost every facet of a regions’ vibrancy and humanity. Such it is with Long Island whose soul, culture, tourism, and economy benefit strongly through the arts it supports.  With that understanding, Long Island is fortunate to have its’ images portrayed and enjoyed not only by Long Islanders but those outside the region through this photographic and painting collaboration between artists Holly Gordon and Ward Hopper. Their creativity and sensitivity to the things around us that we take for granted can only sharpen our vision and enhance Long Island.
Martin R. Cantor, Director of the Long Island Center for Socio-Economic Policy

In examining the artistic processes and personal narratives of Gordon and Hooper, this book celebrates the endless potential of exploration.
Talia Amorosano, artist and writer

Winter Landscape and Winter Woodlands

Ward Hooper a well-accomplished watercolorist uses a vibrant palette, and energetic brushwork that gives a feeling of immediate urgency in capturing a location. His paintings from days gone by inspired Holly Gordon to use her camera’s eye and photographic tools to create expressive interpretations of the same location. A few months later Holly Gordon’s original works inspired Ward to begin to paint again.  This is a rare opportunity to view the work of 2 artists collaborating together and capturing the ordinary to the extraordinary lifestyles of Long Island.
Deborah Katz, Artist and Director of the Alfred Van Loen Gallery


Brush-Lens Project Opening: Before the debut exhibition
Brush-Lens Project Opening: At the reception after
TV host entertainment Journalist Cognac Wellerlane interviews photographer Holly Gordon
Final–Parallel Perspectives “Collaboration”
Parallel Perspectives: The Brush/Lens Collaboration “The Beginning” Narration”
Parallel Perspectives Inspiration (Narration) -2
Parallel Perspectives “Innovation” (Narration)

Background on the Origin of the Book

About the Authors

Holly Gordon paints with her camera. The world is her studio and the digital darkroom sometimes takes her vision far beyond photography, as we know it. The origins of her art date back to film photography in the 1960s, and the aura and aromas of the traditional wet darkroom. While most people viewing Holly’s current work think she is a painter, what they are seeing is her photography in transition. Technology is changing photography as we know it and Holly’s art is part of that change. Photo-Liminalism is the term she has applied to the innovative work that has emerged after nearly twenty years of creative exploration. Holly Gordon’s art has appeared in The New York Times, Shutterbug, National Wildlife Magazine, and New York Newsday. Her work has been exhibited at the American Museum of Natural History, Denise Bibro Fine Art gallery, the New York Hall of Science, the Heckscher Art Museum, Long Island Museum, Islip Art Museum, and the Audubon Center in Greenwich, Connecticut. Gordon’s art is included in a number of public and private collections, including NYU Langone, Melville Corporate Plaza, and Molloy College.

Ward Hooper’s paintings have been widely exhibited and his work has been featured in Watercolor Artist Magazine. His numerous awards and honors include the Peacock Award for his watercolor paintings. After graduating with a degree in Graphic Design from The New York City College of Technology, CUNY, and attending the Art Students League, Ward’s career included over thirty years as art director and award-winning design director for the J.C. Penney Company. He was also vice president of the design firm Coleman, Lipuma, Siegel and Morrill. Among the clients he served during his career were Avon, Wrangler Jeans, Mattel, Revlon, Saks, Lever Brothers and Seagram & Sons. Ward has been on the teaching staff at the Art League of Long Island for twelve years. His watercolors are in private and corporate collections throughout the United States.

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