Remembrance of Things Past

In 1990 my late husband and I took a two-week black and white photography course at Maine Photography Workshop, founded by David Lyman. It was a life-altering experience. Our instructor was this young Steve Bliss, who taught photography at Savannah College of Art and Design and was brought to Maine by Craig Stevens. Little did I realize that one of my self-portraits taken and printed during this workshop would become the image that put me into my first art exhibition a few months after my husband’s sudden death…and that twenty-one years later, I would serendipitously meet Steve Bliss in Lacoste, France. While photographing my way through some hill towns in Provence, I wandered through Lacoste, saw this tall lanky fellow and shouted, “Steve.” He turned to acknowledge me and we reconnected. Now he is chairperson of the photography department at SCAD and oversees a summer program in Lacoste. Funny how life happens….