Mirrored Microcosm

This is the image of the Chicago Bean that will launch a future blog. Since I had it printed on sublimated aluminum under the direction of printing master, Andrew Darlow, it creates a stir everywhere it is shown. I photographed it in Chicago because it was there and so was I. Funny, how snapping a picture can become so much more than a snap. This image captures the frenetic snap-happy existence we all seem to have become part of. Everybody surrounding the Bean is gazing and shooting and moving. This symbolizes the fluidity and flux of contemporary society. It boggles me that it has become such a magnet for drawing people of all ages in to study, dissect and discuss. There are so many reflective surfaces on this underside of the Millennium Bean, called the navel by the sculptor, that it is difficult to separate reflection from reality. I am present as a reflection photographing this subject many times in this image. Can you find me?