Rapture and Holly Meets Hokusai

by Drew Moss on September 21, 2012 for Long Island Pulse Magazine

Long Island Pulse Magazine 9-21-12

This month, fotofoto Gallery in Huntington features two artists who use the natural to create the supernatural—with stunning results. Photographer Kristin Holcomb presents Rapture, a series of photographs celebrating the glory of natural light in dramatic landscapes from all over the globe, and photographer/graphic artist Holly Gordon presents Holly Meets Hokusai, a series of digitally enhanced images of the Ke’anae Peninsula, Hawaii.

Holcomb’s oeuvre devotes itself to a kind of harness and release; she’s managed to find natural light doing its ephemeral, elusive dance in dramatic fashion everywhere from Central America to the Arctic Circle. There’s an obvious beauty in her images, but also a sense of daring and drama, of sights never before seen—and never to be seen again. Complementing this aesthetic of adventure, Gordon’s love letter to the Pacific island paradise of Maui is striking and kinetic; she uses digital enhancement of light and motion and some crafty color correction to create intense black and white serendipity in her landscape subjects. The two artists’ sensibilities are innately simpatico, giving the entire exhibition a seamless unity and flow. A public reception for both artists will be held on Saturday, October 6th from 5-7pm. Admission is free.

Rapture and Holly Meets Hokusai are on exhibit from October 5th to October 28th at fotofoto Gallery, 14 West Carver Street, Huntington. (631) 549-0448, fotofotogallery.org