About Holly Gordon

Holly’s interview on WLIW

Holly Gordon paints with her camera. The world is her studio and the digital darkroom sometimes takes her vision far beyond photography, as we know it.

Holly has established her reputation as both a fine art and documentary photographer creating break-through work in creative fine art photography and nature photography where she has the captured environmentally important essence of the Galapagos Islands, Antarctica and China.


As an art teacher with some 30 years of experience these photography essays have gained visibility in museums, galleries, schools and libraries.

Her most recent work has been collaboration with a well-known watercolorist linking painting with a brush to creative expression with a camera. This initiative has generated wide interest in the arts community and media, with her work appearing in the New York Times and Newsday.

She is an artist who believes in engaging in important social issues and in blazing creative trails. Her ability to articulate her creative process as well as engage and inspire others, makes her is an indispensable advocate for the arts.

Listen to Holly’s interview with Bonnie Grace from WLIU


Holly’s Work

Holly’s work has been exhibited widely—the American Museum of Natural History in New York City, Denise Bibro Fine Art in Chelsea, Manhattan, The Heckscher Art Museum, Long Island Museum, Long Island Photo Gallery, Ripe Art, fotofoto gallery, and Studio 5404 in Massapequa—to name a few.

Holly’s Meets Hokusai

Her art has appeared in The New York Times, Shutterbug Magazine, National Wildlife Magazine, New York Newsday, LI Pulse, The Village Connection, and dozens of other newspapers and magazines.

Insightful interviews with Holly have been broadcast on Long Island PBS Channel 21, Fios TV Channels 1 and 501, with Cognac Wellerlane on the Long Island Exchange and on the radio with Bonnie Grice.