Holly Meets Hokusai

This exhibition, Holly Meets Hokusai, demonstrates a totally different approach to her art.

The seeds were planted during her second stay in Giverny while she viewed Monet’s extensive collection of Japanese wood-blocks prints that included Hokusai’s famous print, The Great Wave.

Great Wave

Experimenting with NIK software, Holly turned a dormant collection of more than 100 original photographs of the lava rock coastline of the Ke’anae Peninsula in Maui into a torrent of digital darkroom creativity.

Stripping Nature’s outer layers, Holly reveals Nature’s raw power and energy in this growing body of work. Merging photography with her background in lithography and woodcuts, she is an integral fiber in the continuum of creativity and the boundless evolution of photography.

This exhibit is currently available for display. Click here to see the gallery of images in this exhibition or contact me for details.

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