The Book About Death

The Book About Death (ABAD) Mail Art Exhibition, ingenious idea started by Ray Johnson 10 years ago, and curated by Luanne Palazzo at The Islip Art Museum. My postcard creation was one several hundred that came from all over the world. The Smithsonian Museum now has it in their art museum archives and museums throughout the world have contacted The Islip Art Museum (IAM) eager to exhibit it.

The Book About Death

I made this postcard a few years ago when I was invited to be part of an earlier ABAD exhibit at Long Island University and resurrected it for the 10th anniversary exhibit at IAM

My travels in China in 2007 eventually led to this image. I was daunted by the enormity and breadth of the Xian terra-cotta warriors that lay buried for so long…as I was also intrigued by the Chinese people doing tai chi in parks every morning. This extraordinary juxtaposition of antiquity with the present was digested and my creativity generated this interpretation to become part of the ABAD Exhibit.

This video is my spontaneous interview on being part of the ABAD event:

Video courtesy of Waldo Cabrera, President Islip.TV LLC / MyLITV and Executive Producer of The National Video Journalist Network

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