45 Forward Radio Interview with Holly Gordon and Ward Hooper

Listen to Ron’s Interview with Holly Gordon and Ward Hooper

They met through social media—as seniors, not millennials. Holly Gordon, a fine arts and documentary photographer, and Ward Hooper, a watercolor painter, were introduced by a writer and mutual friend, who noticed distinctive similarities in the work of the two artists, who shared a mutual affinity for color and light. When Holly met Ward, the two immediately connected as artists, and soon became close friends, meeting regularly and visiting local places that inspired their individual creativity. And the rest is history—still in the making.  In today’s episode, you’ll hear the remarkable stories of Holly and Ward, how their lives serendipitously intertwined, resulting in an unusual collaboration of exhibitions, presentations, projects and a book that combined their two works, “Parallel Perspectives: The Brush/Lens Collaboration.” Holly, a multi-faceted artist and long-time teacher, will describe her innovative use of technology to create photographs that look, at first glance, like paintings made by a brush, a process she calls “photo-liminalism.” She’ll talk about how she has joined a growing contemporary artistic and social movement known as “techspressionism,” an approach in which technology is utilized as a means to express emotional experience. Ward, for his part, will talk about the dramatic resurgence of  work through his collaboration with Holly—and his use of technology as a means of teaching and sharing art to new generations. Theirs is a story of resilience; the daily pursuit of creativity as a life-affirming force; and the steadfast advocacy for the arts as a means of engaging and inspiring humanity, no matter what our age. As Holly puts it simply: “Art is a wonder drug.”


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