A Winter Wonderland A World Away

A Winter Wonderland A World Away

Every time arts writer, Elise Pearlman contacts me to do a feature on my work or an exhibition I’m involved with, my heart starts beating out of my chest because her writing style and skills are so superb! Elise brings the creative process to life, absorbs the interview and translates it into tangible copy that readers understand and enjoy.

This spread, in the February 2014 issue of The Village Connection magazine, brings the thrill of my Antarctica journey to Long Island in its chillingly pristine glory and you, too, can visit Antarctica without crossing the Drake Passage by clicking on this link

Village Connection Magazine, February 2014

Antarctica: Journey to the Extreme is a scalable traveling art exhibition of 38 museum quality photographs as well as a slide program…

Contact me if you would like to see and experience more of this remote region that impacts on the entire planet!

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