Antarctica: Journey to the Extreme Invitation to a Slideshow Presentation

Antarctica, the white continent, is the harshest place on earth…the coldest, windiest, driest, most mountainous place on earth…truly a land of extremes.

Once again, environmental and fine art photographer, Holly Gordon, provides an intimate portrait of a remote region that few people ever visit.

A personal urgency to be in an extreme location when 1999 became 2000 propelled me to Antarctica. The ‘travel gods’ smiled as we sailed through the ‘Garden of Glaciers’ along the Antarctic Peninsula. Our ship gently nudged its way into an iceberg so we could touch the melting ice. The frozen landscape resonated with a purity of light I never saw before. My camera and eye danced in unison as I documented, simultaneously, the beauty and fragility of our planet. I have captured nature at its most pristine…
from the journals of Holly Gordon

“Gordon likes to say that she speaks for nature and she does so in a very eloquent way.”
Joe Farace, January 2006 Shutterbug

What: Nature Photography Exhibition: Antarctica: Journey to the Extreme
This photography slide presentation will dazzle your senses with its chilling fragility and beauty. The portraits of jaunty penguins will entertain and endear you. Visit Antarctica without crossing the Drake Passage!

Where: The Riverhead Free Library
330 Court Street, Riverhead, NY 11091
631 727.3228

When: Saturday, March 24, 2018 at 2:00pm

Who: Holly Gordon, environmental and fine art photographer, draws you into Antarctica with each click of her camera. She combines art with information that will bond you with our planet. She captures the harshest place on earth with a poignancy that will warm your heart but not impact on global-warming. You might even become an environmentalist! She is published, exhibits frequently and has won numerous awards. Her images prove that the ‘bottom of the world’ is TOPS!

Contact information:
Tel: 631.666.8841 (t)
631.835.0697 (m)

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