New York University Langone MC purchases the art of Holly Gordon


ORANGE has been a perennial color favorite of Holly Gordon’s for decades…but recently the color BLUE has become a new favorite. Out of the blue New York University Langone MC contacted her to acquire her work.


Blue is the complementary color of orange and Holly takes this interest in her art as a great compliment. These works are part of her Long Island Portfolio.

14 images have been purchased to enrich the interior space of a newly renovated medical facility on Long Island. While NYU Langone MC prides itself on its state of the art medical facilities, it is also sensitive to the emotional environment it creates for its patients.


It is always an affirmation for people to find meaning and joy in viewing and owning an artist’s work and it pleases Holly Gordon beyond words to know that New York University Langone MC has chosen her photography to provide visual comfort and support to the public it serves!


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