New Zealand Lupine photograph to become cover of March/April 2015 Creations Magazine

Originally photographed with film back in 1999, this traditional chrome was re-visited and digitally-darkroom re-created with a pinch of Topaz software and Photoshop in 2015 for a slide program presentation for the 24th Annual HAS Long Island Unit Herb Symposium at the Old Field Club in Setauket

…and now it has been selected to cover Creations Magazine!

Creations Magazine Cover April/May 2015

As an artist I am happy to share the names of my tools but with this caveat: there is no magic button or formula. Art is created by the artist’s vision… not the tools or equipment.

Technology and a plethora of apps and software have made capturing and transforming photo files a simple universal accomplishment.

Art, in itself, is something rare and extraordinary.

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