Photographer brings Galapagos to life

by Warren Woodberry Jr. on April 21, 2004New York Daily News

New York Daily News 4-21-04

“Galapagos Face to Face: The Photography of Holly Gordon” will be presented by the Rockaway Artists Alliance starting May 1. It is the traveling exhibition’s first visit to the metro area.

The photo display will be at the sTudio 6 Gallery in the Rockaway Center for the Arts at Fort Tilden, Gateway National Recreation Area.

Gordon’s collection includes images of a sea lion, marine iguana and a sally light foot crab, all native to the Galapagos Islands in the south Pacific.

Gordon, a naturalist as well as a seasoned photographer, has traveled to the Falkland Islands, Antarctica and Costa Rica, where she has photographed butterflies.

“More than any place on Earth, I am visually and emotionally overwhelmed by the Galapagos Islands,” said Gordon.